Slip Away from the Conference for Team-Building Events in Las Vegas

1464 days ago by Las Vegas - Summerlin

Looking for a fun and unique team building experience?

Las Vegas has become a popular destination for corporate meetings and conferences. It's not unusual for corporations to send large teams of employees into the city for conventions. While there, why not plan a team-building event in Las Vegas to encourage workers to get to know each other better and work more efficiently together?

Two of the main factors for a successful team-building activity are:

  1. At a different place than the usual work location
  2. Fun!

If you're in Las Vegas for an out-of-town meeting, you're already in a unique location, so now you just have to add in some fun and you'll see the magic happen.

Las Vegas has a lot of options for fun, but casinos and shows really don't provide a lot of interaction between people, so we suggest you try a go karting adventure. Pole Position Raceway provides a place for employees to race indoor karts at speeds approaching 45MPH. This setting allows people to relax and get to know each other better. It will bring out personalities, competitiveness, and strengths that you can't see in a work environment, but once you know those traits are there, you can use them for a more productive business.

When bringing a group in for team-building, we suggest you take advantage of one of our group packages. It will allow exclusive use of the track for several races, which will enable your employees to work together and have a memorable experience.

We offer many different races, such as Pole Position, Grand Prix, Super Pole, and Iron Man races. The Team-Endurance race is great for corporate groups because racers work in teams to complete 200 laps, having to strategize as they work in pit stops and changing drivers.

To make this event convenient, we offer a shuttle right from the strip, so you won't have to worry about giving the location and directions. We also offer packages that include food, drinks, meeting room space (with audio-visual equipment), and even trophies for the winning team.

If your company is coming to Las Vegas for a meeting or convention, take advantage of the time away to fit in some team-building activities at Pole Position Raceway. To make a reservation or for more information, contact us.