Must try in Las vegas - Extreme Attractions

1540 days ago by Las Vegas - Summerlin

Race go karts in our giant indoor kart track at Pole Position Raceway in Summerlin. We have adult and kids karts available.

Las Vegas is the fun capital of the west and is home to many attractions that are sure to raise your blood pressure. Many visitors come to Las Vegas looking for the time of their life and to try things that aren’t available in their hometown. Here are a few extreme attractions that are a must try in Las Vegas for your next visit:

Stratosphere Thrill Rides

The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino offers several thrill rides located on the top floor of their tower. Bigshot is an attraction where visitors sit on a platform which is thrown 160 feet into the air where they then free fall back before the bungee cords stop them. They also have SkyJump where you literally jump off the side of the Stratosphere tower. Guests where a specially made harness and attached to a high-speed decender which stops you moments before hitting the ground. The fall is 855 feet and is the longest controlled free fall anywhere in the world.

Pole Position Raceway

Visitors to Las Vegas looking for some racing action will find real race karts at Pole Position Raceway. Racers participate in actual races that are scored with electronic tracking around a professionally designed race course. With speeds up to 45-MPH and excellent corning capabilities the karts offer a thrilling ride. Pole position Raceway is a must try attraction in Las Vegas for all racing enthusiast as well anyone who like speed and adrenaline pumping action. The facility offers a host of amenities including an on-site lounge, arcade and racing memorabilia.

If you would like more information on the extreme fun of indoor go kart racing, please contact us.