Most popular attractions in Las Vegas - Make the most of your vacation

1507 days ago by Las Vegas - Summerlin

A Las Vegas attraction that appeals to everyone.

Vacationers planning a trip to Las Vegas find that the amount of online guides and attraction pages can become overwhelming. However it is recommended to research attractions before arriving so you can make the most out of your vacation and get the best bang for your buck. It is critical that you not only find the most popular attractions in Las Vegas, but also attractions that appeal to you and your interests.

If you check the online review sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google reviews you will find Pole Position Raceway among the top of thrill and racing attractions. The facility is located on the Las Vegas Strip and offers free shuttle service from strip hotels. Visitors can take advantage of Arrive & Drive racing where they can compete on a professional indoor race track. The track features an actual race surface and design that mimics actual go kart race tracks that professional’s race. It is a fun and exciting activity for all ages with drivers just having to be 48-inches to participate.

The karts are what make this attraction so popular with speeds up to 45-mph and crisp handling. Drivers get to feel first-hand what it’s like to be a professional racer and the thrills of competition.  Electronic scoring keeps track of lap times which are provided drivers after their race so they can compare and become faster for the next race. Pole Position Raceway has a large common area with seating, racing memorabilia, snack bar and an arcade. Also onsite is a lounge where racers can relax after their racing and enjoy an ice-cold beer.

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