Las Vegas attractions - Are you the next Dale Earnhardt Jr?

1512 days ago by Las Vegas - Summerlin

NASCAR fans looking for Las Vegas attractions have a change to live out their fantasy by racing go karts.

NASCAR fans can finally feel a sense of relief with the season underway and the sport’s most popular driver Dale Earnhardt Jr winning his second Daytona 500. These races offer the thrills of watching your favorite drivers battle it out for the win each week, but can leave you wanting to feel the thrill of racing yourself. Although it is not possible for you to experience the thrill Dale Jr does there is another experience that comes close.

Indoor go kart racing offers NASCAR fans looking for Las Vegas attractions a chance to live out their fantasy of high-speed racing against their friends and other competitors. Next time you find yourself wanting an adrenaline pumping race action head on over to Pole Position Raceway located on the central strip of Las Vegas. Their professionally designed indoor race course offers all the excitement of real racing just on a smaller scale.

You also get to experience an actual racing format where you are pitted against other drivers all striving to be leading at the checkered flag. Drivers can improve their skills by reviewing the real time lap statistics printed out for you after each race. Gather a group of your friends and come in to Pole Position Raceway and hold your own race where you might just find out you have the skills to be the next NASCAR star. If you would like more information testing your racing skills on our indoor go karts, please contact us.