The finest family attractions in Las Vegas

1434 days ago by Las Vegas - Summerlin

Arrive and Drive keeps the family happy.

Visiting family attractions in Las Vegas is the only thing that keeps the kids happy when they are on vacation with their parents.  Sure, the parents need their time on the casino floor, but bringing the whole family to Pole Position Raceway is the best way to give the family a true adventure in Las Vegas.

With the Arrive and Drive program, the whole family can drop in and drive the track in a family race or against other competitors at the track.  Our racetrack is easy for kids to get through but challenging for the adults who will be able to drive it much faster. 

The best part of our track and our races is that we let the family on the track and allow them to stay out as long as they can handle.  We want each family that visits us to get the small kids around the track, let the parents race for fun and allow for everyone to have a good time.

After leaving the track, the family can grab something to eat, the kids can play games or the parents can have a drink at the bar.  With these options, every family can get what they need from an excursion to Pole Position Raceway.

Don't forget to contact us for information about our races along with the corporate events and parties that we host.  Residents of the city and visitors can plan a party, take their kids for a fun race or have a business meeting that impresses everyone in the boardroom.  Families can stay and play while the executives can let their hair down.