Family attractions in Las Vegas - A thrilling experience!

1526 days ago by Las Vegas - Summerlin

Looking for family attractions in Las Vegas? Look no further. Race go karts today in Las Vegas. We have both adult and junior karts.

With nearly 40 million people a year visiting Las Vegas according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. A growing percentage is families looking for family friendly entertainment and warm weather. Las Vegas is sure to please with their expansive hotel offerings, outdoor pools and seemingly endless entertainment venues.

Finding activities to please the entire family is a lofty expectation while on vacation. Las Vegas has many family friendly shows that are geared towards all age levels. Most hotels also offer outdoor pool areas for families to relax and have fun. For those looking for a little more out of the family attractions in Las Vegas, Pole Position Raceways indoor racing is sure to accelerate their vacation.

Indoor go kart racing is an activity that the entire family can enjoy together and offers fast and friendly competition. Pole Position Raceway offers a convenient center strip locations and a shuttle service from select locations. Visitors can take advantage of the arrive and drive racing options that allows the public racing opportunities during their normal business hours. Their property features a professional designed track that is laid out for speed, competition and safety. Electric karts hit top speeds of up to 45MPH while emitting no exhaust keeping the racing environment free of harmful pollutants.   Families can have fun racing against one another as well as others and view their lap speeds and times afterwards to compare to one another.   Rider are supplied helmets for safety as the karts give a true feel and speed to actual race karts.

If you would like more information on introducing your family to the thrills and excitement of indoor go kart racing, please contact us.