Members only specials

Refer a Friend

If you bring in a friend and they buy a membership while you are both at the track, you will get a free race credit added to your account.

3 for $50

Buy 3 races for $50.  Must be used on Same Day

Sunday Member Appreciation Day

Buy 2 races for $32 every Sunday. Must be used on same day

Regular Specials


Get $5 Off Your First Race!

Get Your Coupon Here

Facebook Check In

Check into Facebook at Pole Position Raceway - St. Louis and get a FREE Monster Energy Drink.

Thursday Night Ironmans

14 laps not enough for you?  At 8pm, we run 30 minute races with 2 pit stops to grab a fresh kart.  $60 per entry and you must be a Member.  If you are not a member, come in an hour or so earlier and join so you can get some practice in.  This is a 70+ lap race and there is always a prize at the end.  Sometimes it's Cardinal tickets, sometimes it's a Case of Monster.  You never know, but the racing is a blast.

Friday Student Night*

2 Races for $30
3 Races for $40

Group of 4 can get a race per person, 4 drinks and a regular Large Pizza for $80

*Requires a valid high school or college ID.


“Saturday Night Special” Bring your Saturday receipt from here to nearby Southside Guns & Sharpshooters Range, or from there to here for discounts at either place for Members or Non-Members, enjoy some delicious BBQ next door to them at the Sharpshooter Pit and Grill too. Racing, guns, and BBQ sounds like one heck of a Saturday!!