Members only specials

Refer a Friend

If you bring in a friend and they buy a membership while you are both at the track, you will get a free race credit added to your account.

3 for $50

Buy 3 races for $50.  Must be used on Same Day

Sunday Member Appreciation Day

Buy 2 races for $32 every Sunday. Must be used on same day

Regular Specials

Facebook Check In

Check into Facebook at Pole Position Raceway - St. Louis and get a FREE Monster Energy Drink.

Monster Mondays

Race on our exclusive, faster, longer “Monster Track” which combines our main track to the kids track!  Members purchase our 3 races for $45 pack and get a free Monster Energy.  Don’t forget you can check in on Facebook and get one too!

Thursday Night Ironmans

14 laps not enough for you?  At 8pm, we run 30 minute races with 2 pit stops to grab a fresh kart.  $60 per entry and you must be a Member.  If you are not a member, come in an hour or so earlier and join so you can get some practice in.  This is a 70+ lap race and there is always a prize at the end.  Sometimes it's Cardinal tickets, sometimes it's a Case of Monster.  You never know, but the racing is a blast.

Friday Student Night*

2 Races for $30
3 Races for $40

Group of 4 can get a race per person, 4 drinks and a regular Large Pizza for $80

*Requires a valid high school or college ID.


“Saturday Night Special” Bring your Saturday receipt from here to nearby Southside Guns & Sharpshooters Range, or from there to here for discounts at either place for Members or Non-Members, enjoy some delicious BBQ next door to them at the Sharpshooter Pit and Grill too. Racing, guns, and BBQ sounds like one heck of a Saturday!!