STEM Cub Scouts Program


Pole Position Raceway now offers an exciting new STEM approved program for our local Cub Scouts. This free program will teach your scout all about karting. Each scout will have new knowledge about tires, friction, forces, and power. They also learn the rules and safety of karting. When the program is complete, each scout will be ready to drive a kart!


Kart Racing, Safety and Technology


STEM Approved Cub Scouts Program


Join Pole Position Raceway in our STEM Approved Cub Scouts program. This FREE, one and a half hour program is focused on kart racing, safety and technology. The program is broken down into four different stations.


First, scouts will learn about different types of tires and friction. The second station teaches the scouts about g-force. Next, types of power will be explained to the scouts, specifically, the differences between gas and electric. Rules and safety of karting will be the last station of the program. Scouts will cover everything about safe karting from “how to pass” to “how to wear safety equipment.” Each station will include hands on activities for the scouts to participate in and apply the concepts they are learning.


Scouts that complete the workshop will earn the following requirements towards the NOVA badge:


Tech Talk NOVA - requirements 2, 3 & 6


1-2-3 Go! NOVA - requirements 1C


At the end of the program, scouts will be ready to safely drive the karts! Each scout will receive a certificate of completion and a FREE Junior Membership, giving them a FREE race during their birthday month.


Each workshop is from 9am – 10:30am.

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