Go Kart Franchises by P2R Karting, Inc.

Open your own Pole Position Raceway go kart franchise

Go kart racingIf you ever thought about owning your own business and being your own boss, then make sure to check out P2R Karting, Inc. which offers franchise opportunities for the Pole Position Raceway brand of electric go kart tracks. Pole Position Raceway is the ultimate form on indoor motorsports entertainment for the entire family, and we have go kart racing tracks from coast to coast with more in the development stages. Our go kart franchises have entertained millions of racers around the world who are looking for an adrenalin rush, and no one does it better. Co-founders Jason Williams, Ken Faught and Brad Mark have taken this fast-paced thrillsport to a new level that has made it more appealing to a wider dynamic range of customers. Combined with high-level support, this proven go kart track business model can give you the guidance to open your own indoor go kart racing franchise and enjoy going to work every day. Whether you are looking to do a one-, two- or three-track facility, P2R Karting, Inc. can help you avoid costly mistakes before, during and after startup. P2R karting provides guidance on tricky legal matters at the city, county and state level, will assist you in the search for the appropriate building, will train key members of your management staff at our other indoor go kart centers, will provide a startup crew to make operations go smooth during your grand opening, and will share marketing secrets that have made Pole Position Raceway an instant success.


*Proven Business Model 
*Vendor Discounts
*Site Selection Assistance
*World-Class Branding With Go Kart Franchise
*Interior Design Assistance With 3D Computer Modeling
*Industry-Leading High-Performance Electric Karts
*Speed Up Startup Which Reduces Cost To Open Business
*Protected Business Territory
*Access to Exclusive Licensed Products At Warp Speed
*Exclusive SpeedSheet timing and scoring system
*HR Support With Speed & Style
*On-The-Job Training at P2R University 
*Grand Opening Startup Team
*Shared Resources With Pole Position Raceway Franchise
*State-Of-The-Art Website, Photography & Videography
*Assistance 365 Days A Year 


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