Wondering What to do with Your Sundays Now that Football is Over? Race Go Karts in Murrieta

1598 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Now that the football season is over, fill your Sunday afternoon by Racing Go Karts in Murrieta.

The big game is over ... a letdown for many. It just wasn't the kind of game you would expect to see from the two top football teams in the NFL. Nevertheless, you've spent your Sundays cheering from your couch, enjoying the adrenaline that comes with watching a hail Mary pass for a touchdown or an unexpected interception. The big question that many people have the week following the Superbowl, is "Now what am I going to do on Sundays?" If you're feeling a little lost, go race go karts in Murrieta next Sunday.

If you like football, you're going to love driving our go-karts. They provide the same kind of excitement and competition that you find on the field. You'll experience a similar adrenaline rush as you're navigating our indoor track in one of our high-tech electric karts, and in this case, you get to be in the driver's seat experiencing it instead of just watching from the recliner.

So when next Sunday afternoon rolls around, and you're feeling a little out of sorts, grab a few friends or family members and come try what is sure to become a new tradition. With our Arrive & Drive program, you can just show up and we'll get you ready to race. If you have a large group, contact us to make special reservations so that your group can enjoy racing each other exclusively. We're sure that you'll be having so much fun enjoying the competition that you'll forget that football is over for a little while.