Wondering What to Do in Murrieta When the Kids Have a School Vacation? Indoor Go-Karting!

1600 days ago by Murrieta, CA

With your kids out of school this holiday season, are your kids bored looking for what to do in Murrieta? Try go kart racing.

All around the country, kids are getting geared up for some time off for the holidays. While students can't wait for a vacation, parents know that after the first few days, kids start to get bored and antsy. If you're a parent wondering what to do in Murrieta during the break from school, put indoor go-karting on your list.

Indoor Go-Karts for Kids

Pole Position Raceway is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art facility that offers an extreme experience to adults, but that doesn't mean kids are left out of the fun. As long as children are over 48 inches tall they can drive our smaller karts made especially for children. They will be able to enjoy the experience and control their go-kart with no problem. All children are equipped with a helmet as safety is extremely important to us. Kids will love the experience of being able to drive themselves and experience a little bit of competition as they get the feel for the wheel.

Boredom Busters for Teens in Murrieta

Sleeping late, texting friends, hanging out, and playing video games are standard items on any teen's "to-do list" during a school vacation. If you want to engage a teen in a different activity, indoor karting may be just the thing. Teens are typically tall enough to drive the adult-sized kart, and a little healthy competition and fun works wonders in bringing teens out of their shell. Have a teen who keeps to himself, or resists participating in family activities? Put him behind the wheel of an indoor go-kart and watch a sullen teen turn into a competitive, engaged person who may just be smiling under that helmet.

Parents are you ready for the upcoming school vacation?  Looking for something different to do with the kids other than shopping, bowling, or catching a movie? Stop in at Pole Position Raceway - the ultimate boredom buster. For more information, contact us.