Want Employees to Look Forward to Corporate Events? Schedule Indoor Go-Kart Racing!

1664 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Make your next Corporate Event exciting. Book an Indoor Go Kart Racing event at Pole Position Raceway.

Time away from the office can really be beneficial for productivity, interpersonal relationships and overall morale. But so many times these corporate events are dreaded because they are forced, or not enjoyable. It reminds me of an episode of "The Office" where the staff was whisked away on a bus to a local park to participate in Survivor-style challenges such as a hot-dog eating contest and sumo-wrestling. While some time away from the daily grind is welcome, it doesn't accomplish much if people are not engaged. If you're looking for something to do for a corporate party, retreat, or team-building activity, indoor go-karting is your answer.

Many people wonder, "How would go-karting accomplish our corporate goals?" Surprisingly, sometimes all it takes for employees to feel motivated again is to have some fun together, and to feel valued. Investing in a full facility rental will enable everybody to let their hair down, have a memorable time, and build relationships.

A facility buy-out means we close down to the public and cater to you. All the karts and races will be open to those invited to your event, so whether you want open racing, elimination, or specialty races we're on it. You'll see the competitive side come out of people you least expected, and it will build relationships better than any stuffy corporate event.

Also at your disposal are meeting rooms and equipment, so whether you wanted to treat your team to a catered meal, or take some time to do a seminar or presentation, we have everything you need here. Our meeting room provides white boards, projectors, a dvd player, and just a comfortable place for people to hang out between races.

If planning a corporate event, think outside the box and do something different this year. Employees will appreciate being treated to a fun experience while still accomplishing your goals of team-building and learning in a unique setting.

To find out more about hosting a corporate event at Pole Position Raceway, contact us.