Try Taking the Kids for Go Kart Racing to Beat the Back to School Blues

1090 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Karting will not only entertain the kids, but also have them smiling and talking about it for weeks

I think it was a television advertisement for the office supply chain Staples that I am recalling where the parents gleefully stroll down the aisles for back to school supplies with the song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" playing in the background, as the children pouted and sulked at the thoughts of summer ending and forcefully going back to school. Classic comedic American advertising in my opinion. 

The truth is that while you, as parents, may be relishing the thought of getting the kids out of the house and out of your hair for the school day again, your kids are most likely looking at it like it's a prison sentence. It's your job as a parent to at least try and hide some of the enjoyment and utter jubilation you are feeling at this prospect. In order to show good faith, it's probably a good idea to attempt to reward your kids with something special and fun to do before they hit the books. You could attempt any of the following:

Go for Ice Cream - While this is a nice option because really, who doesn't like ice cream? It's still not really anywhere close to being enough to take away the back to school blues. There's no amount of Heavenly Hash in the world that can make up for night after night of math homework and overcrowded school buses leading to eight hours of peer pressure and torturous teacher lectures.

Movies - This may take your kids' minds' off of their scholastic worries for a couple hours, but after the movie is over, you're likely to see the same pouty and utterly disgusted faces again.

Buy 'em a Pony - Okay, this isn't very realistic. First of all, most kids can barely take care of a Golden Retriever, let alone a Shetland pony. They're actually more likely to take better care of an electronic device like a Playstation 4 than a living and breathing animal, but let's not encourage the sedentary lifestyle that video games attracts. Anyway, the pony is just a bad idea in a lot of ways. Not to mention what it'll potentially do for the not so pleasant aroma in your back yard.

Go Karts for Kids Yes! Now you're talking. The thrills and chills associated with action karting on a state of the art quarter-mile indoor road course in an electric, European style Formula EK20 Pro Kart will not only entertain the kids, but also have them smiling and talking about it for weeks afterwards. Leave the ice cream and movies for good report cards. Back to school requires much more intensive therapy. Take 'em action karting. They'll thank you for it, and you just may love it too!

"Pole Position Raceway" is a great way to beat the back to school blues. It's also great for corporate events, holiday parties, and just casual get-togethers among with close friends for fun and excitement. Please contact us today for more information.