Teen go kart party - A birthday to remember!

1526 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Plan an exciting Teen go kart party at Pole Position Raceway. We have birthday party packages to meet any group size and budget.

After your children reach their teens a birthday party might not be a welcome event, but a go kart party can change all that. No more sitting around a table playing kiddie games.  Give your teen a party to remember with the thrill of speed and competition.

Every year parents have the arduous task of coming up with fresh and original party themes for their children’s birthdays and once the teens set in it seems nearly impossible. The social implication of the teen years means planning a birthday party can be met with much negativity from the child, but with a little creativity this doesn’t have to be the case. A fun, exciting and age appropriate party can be met with great excitement.   Go kart parties are an ideal solution as teens won’t think of it as much as a birthday party but chance to drive fast legally and compete against their closest friends.

Pole Position Raceways are the ideal location for your teen go kart party with state-of-the-art electric go karts and competitive track layouts. Our karts are able to achieve up to 45 miles per hour and will thrill even the most daring teen. Safety is a top priority and is evident in our facility and all drivers are required to wear race helmets. The climate controlled facilities offer a great party atmosphere and the electronic tracking and race formats ensure all the teens leave happy.  A variety of packages are available with varying race formats as well as a party area with catering. If you would like more information on planning a teen go kart party for your child’s birthday or any occasion, please contact us.