The Story of a Little Girl Who Discovered Fun Things to Do in Murrieta

1650 days ago by Murrieta, CA

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Once upon a time there was a little girl whose parents loved her very much, and they were always looking for fun things to do in Murrietta. They took her to dance lessons and gymnastics classes. They were always first in line when a new animated movie opened, and afterward they would go to the store where you could make a stuffed animal or paint some pottery. But the little girl never smiled.

At home, the little girl's bedroom was designed for a princess. Pink walls, tulle hanging from the ceiling, and a chandelier decorated the room. She could sit at her vanity and brush her hair, and she had a closet full of clothes to try on. In addition to all her other toys, she had every Barbie doll every made, yet she never smiled.

One day, while walking past their family room, the little girl saw her Dad and brothers watching cars on television. They were flying around a track, and the boys started yelling when a man waved a black and white checkered flag. She wasn't sure what it was all about, but it looked like fun. More fun than changing her doll's outfit for the fifth time that day.

The next day, the little girl was out with her Dad running some errands when they passed by a building with a sign that read "Pole Position Raceway." It had the same black and white checkered flags on the signs that she had seen on the TV, and she asked her Dad to stop. He rarely said no to her, so he stopped, but he was confused why she would want to go here. But since the little girl never smiled, he did anything he thought might make her happy.

Inside, the little girl's father was perplexed as he watched her climb in an electric go-kart, and start her way around the track, slowly. As she started to get her bearings, she increased her speed, and as she blew by him he looked into the opening on her helmet and saw something he hadn't been expecting ... a smile.

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