Go racing: go kart racing near murrieta

1264 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Race go karts near Murrieta. Indoor go kart track with adult and kids karts.

"Finishing races is important, but racing is more important." (Dale Earnhardt)

Are you like Dale Earnhardt and racing is just fun? But, you aren't quite like Dale Earnhardt in that you don't want to race cars around a track at over 100 miles per hour?

You can still race. You can still enjoy the wind hitting your face and the thrill of finishing the race.

Check out our Go Kart racing. Okay, we know that you are raising your eyebrows and thinking that Go Kart racing is for kids. Yes, and no! Go Kart racing is for anyone who enjoys the race. 


Because we aren't talking about those little bumper cars at the state fair. We are talking about electric cars that go up to 45 mph. Thinking that's pretty slow for racing? If you are racing Earnhardt, yes. But when you are in our low to the ground, electric go karts, 45 mph is racing speed.

Did you notice we said electric cars? That means you get to race without breathing in the fumes of all the other cars. You can race longer because you won't be breathing in those fumes.

Still have that picture of state fair bumper cars in your head? Let us help you change that image. Let us show you how go karts were meant to race. But, we have to caution you! After racing in our go karts, those state fair bumper cars won't be much fun anymore!

Ready to go kart racing near murrieta? Just contact us and come race and finish the race.