Go Kart Birthday Parties are Not Just for Kids In Murrieta

1674 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Planning a kid, teen or adult birthday party? We have exciting go kart birthday party packages for all ages.

When you think of a birthday party, do images of children in party hats come to mind? If so, you're missing out! Just because you're not a kid anymore doesn't mean you can't have a fun birthday party! Sure, kids love a go kart party, and we're happy to oblige, but teens and adults will have just as much fun racing at Pole Position Raceway in Murrieta.

Pole Position Raceway

This isn't your standard go-kart experience. These are electric karts (no smelly fumes!), that come in sizes for kids and adults, and can whiz around our indoor track at speeds approaching 45 MPH. These things were built with state of the art technology to ensure you get an amazing adrenaline rush.

Birthday Packages for All Ages

Looking for a birthday party location for a kid? No problem. It's a little harder to plan a birthday party for a teen, and many don't have them anymore because it's just too hard to find someplace with the "cool factor." And adults often don't even celebrate their birthdays with any significant event, which is sad, because if you have to get older, you might as well have fun doing it! No matter your age, if you want guests to leave your party with a huge smile on their face, this is the place to go.  Birthday party packages can include:

  • Invitations
  • Two or more private races
  • Medals for racers
  • Use of a private room
  • Snacks and drinks

You can even customize your party to include things like video game tokens, trophies, pizza, hats, and t-shirts.

If you're ready to throw a birthday party that will be one to remember, contact us. We guarantee it will be an unforgettable experience whether the guest of honor is a child, teen, or adult.