Getting Bored with Going to the Movies? Race Go Karts in Murrieta

1260 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Break up your routine. Race Go Karts in Murrieta. We have a giant indoor go kart track with adult and kids karts.

When the question of "What do you want to do?" comes up between friends and family members, the solution often turns out to be "Let's go to a movie." While that can be fun once in a while, for many people that's become a regular routine, and it's time to look for something different. One option is to race go karts in Murrieta.

Going to see the latest feature film comes at quite a cost. A typical family of four has to shell out close to $100 between tickets and concessions. That seems like a lot, considering you're paying to just sit there for a couple of hours, consume unhealthy foods, and more often than not, you leave complaining that the movie wasn't even that good.

If you're going to pay for entertainment, you might as well be actively involved, instead of watching somebody on the screen. Go-karts are the perfect group activity, whether it be friends or family looking for something to do. Anyone can drive, as long as they're over 48 inches tall, and the experience you have will create memories that you'll have much longer than the sitting in a sticky theater seat.

Pole Position Raceway was created by professional racers, and they wanted to be able to give the average person an experience that recreates what it is like to really be out on the track. Our indoor electric karts go up to 45 MPH, and sitting that close to the ground gives you an authentic racing experience.

With our Arrive & Drive program, there's no need to make reservations. You can be spontaneous and come anytime. We're constantly starting new races and you can join in whenever you arrive. There's no need to have any experience, as we will give you all the instruction you need and you'll feel like a pro after driving your first lap.

Next time you're looking for something to do, think about trying out our go karts. We think you'll agree that it's a good alternative when there's nothing good at the theater. For times and location, contact us.