Family Valentine's Day Date: Race go karts in murrieta

1616 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Plan an exciting day out and race go karts in Murrieta. We have both adults and kids go karts.

Are you dating someone who has children, or do you have children? Are you wondering what she or he expects on Valentine's Day?

Why not do something out of the ordinary? Have a family Valentine's Date! Invite all the children to come on the date.

Sound a little strange? Maybe, but not really. The key is to not expect the date to be a candlelight dinner and dancing. Instead, plan a fun Valentine's Date that will bond the family together. After all, not only are you wanting to get to know the person you are dating, but also the children.

So, why not give them all the invitation now - tell them you want to race go karts in murrieta on Valentine's Day. If they raise their eyebrows or wrinkle their noses, tell them that these aren't the go karts you grew up driving.

These go karts are electric, so nobody smells like exhaust. You will be indoors so the weather won't ruin the date. Also, these aren't like the bumper cars at state fairs. These go karts hum around the track at about 45 mph and are low to the ground to give you that racing feel.

As you describe the family Valentine's date, you will see smiles start to show - even on the teenage faces. You will see them glancing at each other as if to say "this person is ok," and you will see that person you are dating relax and know that you care about family.

Wondering how to make this all happen? Just contact us, we are here to help.