Book an Adult Go Kart Party for a Post-Holiday Pick-Me-Up

1331 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? If that shiny new Xbox One or that stunning new piece of jewelry wasn't sitting under your Christmas tree this year, waiting for you to ferociously unwrap like you were a kid all over again, it's time to start thinking about something to pick up your spirits.

How about a good ol' fashioned racing trip like an adult go kart party at Pole Position Raceway in Corona or Murietta, CA for a pick-me-up? With over $10 million invested in the latest and greatest of go kart technology, the indoor tracks located there feature the Formula EK20 Pro Kart, which is simply the world's best electric kart, capable of going 45 mph one inch off the ground around vicious turns and breathtaking straightaways. Call up some friends, find a babysitter if necessary, and book the party now. It will give everybody a chance to recover with a post-holiday pick me up, and you can all act like a kid again too, while experiencing the thrill of as close to real F1 racing as most of us will ever get.

Pole Position Raceway is indoor electric karting at its best. It has been featured on "Good Morning America," "ESPN," "MTV," and more. Book your adult go kart party, birthday party, corporate event, or just stop by for a quick hit of racing excitement anytime. Please contact us today for more information.