Arrive & Drive Racing - create your own weekly racing league

1472 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Pole Position Raceway can help create a unique event for any group.

Millions of Americans depend on sports leagues as a once a week fun night with friends and family. These leagues are often softball, pool, bowling or darts and really do not appeal to everyone. A go kart racing league offers those looking for a little more excitement and competition an alternative to the standard leagues.

Pole Position Raceway in Corona, California offers Arrive & Drive Racing that is ideal for you to start your own racing league. This allows you and your friends the ability to have a racing league without the investment into equipment or karts. It also allows you to race whatever night of the week you would like with no repercussions for missing a week. The facility includes in indoor climate controlled racetrack that allows for year around racing. A race themed common area with snack bar is the ideal hang out space for your league in between races.

The facility does not have its own leagues, but their electronic scoring makes setting up your own a breeze.   Racers receive a print out of the results and lap times after each race allowing you to track your league members even if there are others in your race. Membership is available for those who race regularly and receive a discounted race price. Bulk races are also available so your league can purchase a set amount and split it to save money. The electric karts with speeds up to 45-mph is sure to attract your friends keep a steady inventory of racers in your league.

If you would like more information on our arrive and drive racing, pleasecontact us.