Arrive & Drive Racing - Attention race fans

1498 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Stop by and hop in a race. Thats the idea behind arrive & drive racing. No reservation required.

A chance to feel the thrill of a real racing experience is the ultimate desire for race fans across America. It is something that is often out of reach due to limited accessibility and the high cost of owning a race car or kart. Indoor go kart racing offers all the feelings of a real racing experience without all the costs of ownership, transportation and maintenance costs.

Indoor racing venues such as Pole Position Raceways located in both Corona and Murietta, California offer high-speed kart racing in a controlled indoor environment. These are not your typical amusement park go karts as they can hit a top speed of 45-mph on a tight indoor track. The tracks are competitively designed for ultimate race thrills and are outfitted with electronic tracking for real time race results and statistics. Racers receive a full race analysis sheet at the end of their race recapping their lap times and results.

Pole Position Raceways arrive & drive racing format allows you to bring your own group to race or come by yourself and be pitted against strangers. The approximately 10-minute races allow you to experience the real race experience at any time you desire and is ideal for those times you just need the feeling of speed. They feature European inspired race karts that are utilize an electric motor and F1 type tires that are just like the ones used on the actual race circuit. Electronically adjustable power output ensures a fair competition with all karts having the same power output.

If you would like more information on experiencing the real racing action of indoor go karts, please contact us.