Adult go kart party - Getting older has never been so exciting

1345 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Our indoor racing facility is set up for birthday parties of all ages

As we get older, our birthday parties seem to get smaller and mellower. The once exciting birthday celebrations of our youth turn into a simple birthday card and a meal out at our favorite restaurant. Why not have a birthday party to celebrate all the great years you have lived and the many more to come. Don’t settle for just another day on your special day, let it be a day to remember.

Hosting a adult go kart party for your loved ones or friends at Pole Position Raceway is an ideal way to wow your guests no matter the age. Our indoor racing facility is set up for birthday parties of all ages, with packages available that include race bundles to full catering. Our go kart racing parties aren’t just for kids, and offer the thrills of professional racing. We have private party areas that can be reserved for your party and decorated as you like. Whether it is your 16ht or 80th our facility is sure to have everything you need to have fun.

Go kart racing is an exciting attraction to host a birthday party around, especially for adults where they can be as competitive as they like. Our track features a challenging yet easily maneuvered track that is ideal for all skill levels. Our karts are designed for racing, but have all the necessary safety features to keep you and your guests completely safe. Your group will have reserved races, so there will be no waiting and only your guests will be on the track. For competitive groups, races can be formatted in a qualifying format with feature at the end to see who the best driver of all is.

If you would like more information on hosting an adult go kart party, please contact us.