3 Reasons Why A Kids' Go Kart Racing Party is Perfect for a 10-Year-Old's Birthday

1463 days ago by Murrieta, CA

Turning 10 is a real big deal for kids.

Turning 10 is a big deal for parents and kids. Double digits mean the days of being a young child are gone, and the teenage years are just around the corner. If there's ever a perfect thing for a 10-year-old's birthday, a kids' go kart racing party would be it, for 3 big reasons:

  1. The double digit phenomenon gets kids thinking about what's going to change now that they are growing up. Inevitably, one of the things they imagine is getting behind the wheel of a car. Parents, don't worry, that's several years off, but you can let kids imagine what it's like to drive by letting them behind the wheel of a go kart.
  2. Just about all 10-year-olds are over 48 inches tall, the height required to drive our junior karts. It would be pretty disappointing to invite children to a birthday party and break the news to some of them that they have to watch while the other kids have all the fun. According to growth charts, 99% of 10-year-olds are above the 48 inch mark, meaning all of them should be able to join in on the fun.
  3. There's nothing babyish about a go kart party. Some party ideas that were previously fun will suddenly get an eye roll from your 10-year-old. The arcade where a big giant mouse dances and sings? No way. Bowling? No thank you (because they know they still need those bumpers). There's nothing juvenile about driving go karts, and even teens and adults will want to join in on the fun.

Our party packages make planning your party as easy as a phone call. Your group will get two or three exclusive races, and we can include things such as a meeting room, food and drinks, and video game tokens. If you've got a child turning 10, contact us to find out more information about scheduling a memorable party.