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Play the best VR today inside our brand new Omni Arena by Virtuix only at Pole Position Raceway Las Vegas! Compete with your friends on the VR Battlefield with Elite Force, destroy hordes of zombies together with Dead Zone Zombies or chase swashbuckling pirates in the all new Blackbeard and more!

Win cash and prizes in weekly and monthly VR and esports contests as you actually run around in VR and compete with your friends or against your friends as you experience the greatest VR gameplay in America! This is the only way to experience full speed running in VR with the brand-new Omni 2.0 motion technology. All VR events includes FREE Video of your gameplay.

Book your spot today and win your share of $100,000 in prizes!

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Elite Force

Deathmatch Shooter

Fight along side or against your friends in this military shooter. Eliminate the most enemies to win.


Dead Zone Zombies

Kill hordes of zombies with a vast range of weapons before they eat you alive!

Core Defense

Robot Shooter

2 Maps: Metropolis | Coliseum

Protect the Powercore in the arena against waves of robots and compete for the high score!


Pirate Adventure

Loot treasure, defeat foes, and overcome special challenges to become a true pirate legend!