Outstanding Corporate Team-Building Events Near Henderson

Henderson Team Building: Off to the Races

Lady Luck may reign supreme, but even the coolest casinos can feel a little stale after so many company outings. Want to give your next corporate event a thrilling kick? Head to Pole Position Raceway for the best indoor karting in Henderson. Located near the Las Vegas Strip, our exciting facility combines advanced technology with a variety of activities that rival even the hottest roulette wheels. Take on a group challenge to encourage cohesive thinking, or try a one-on-one race that sharpens competitive skills. Whether you’re renting the entire facility, or partying with a small group, we have everything you need to take team building from tedious to turbocharged.

The Power of Go Karts in Henderson

Both Henderson and Las Vegas tend to thrive on a fast-paced lifestyle, and nothing calls up that unique trait quite like a day at the races. We’re not exaggerating when we say that our Henderson go karting facility is an industry icon; not only have we designed slick karts that give everyone access to a pro-level experience, but we also use an electric system that eliminates nauseating fumes and allows each race to take place indoors. It’s a perfect way to keep cool when the Henderson heat is blazing.

How to Have Fun After the Finish Line

Though the neon lights of Las Vegas are difficult to ignore, Henderson offers plenty of ways to keep the party going once the races are over. Grab a margarita at one of the Mexican joints, stop for smokehouse BBQ at Lucille’s, or browse the Botanical Cactus Garden to wind down your day.

Planning the Best Corporate Events in Henderson

When it comes to Henderson go karting, we believe that everyone benefits from options. That’s why we offer business perks like full-facility rentals, private skyboxes and customized race formats to give you the opportunity to plan a personalized party your employees will never forget. Contact us today to learn more and book your best event yet.