Looking for Exhilarating, Team-Building Events in Las Vegas?

1290 days ago by Las Vegas - Strip

The ultimate team-building events in Las Vegas are at Pole Position Raceway. Race Go karts for your next team building event.

Are you looking for team-building events in Las Vegas that don’t require poker chips or one armed bandits? If so, why not consider scheduling a karting event? It’s a great way to bring everyone together and get their adrenaline flowing. One of the best places to host such a team-building event in Vegas is Pole Position Raceway.

Pole Position Raceway is conveniently located on the Vegas strip and opposite of the Palms Casino & Resort. There is also shuttle service available to and from the venue. So your team should have no problems making it to the raceway on time.

A great, easily accessible location isn’t the only feature that makes our karting facility tops. We’ve got adult group racing and endurance packages as well as meeting space available. The meeting rooms are not your typical “bored” rooms either. Some of them are outfitted with wet bars, pool tables, flat screen monitors, leather couches and video games.

Our electric powered, Formula EK20, adult go karts have their own bells and whistles. Capable of reaching speeds up to 45 mph, each one features a boss 18 hp motor and a killer throttle response time. Of course they are comfortable to sit in too.

You should also know that a total of 13 people can race around our professionally designed and approved track at one time. Each race lasts approximately 10 minutes. Thus, between the tricked out meeting rooms and short turnaround times, you’re team won’t be subjected to lengthy, momentum-killing downtimes.

Once each team member finishes a race, he or she will be given a printout that details his or her karting prowess. The printouts could then be used to spur further competition among your team or establish rewards for the top performers. We can even hook your company up with raceway trophies, apparel and an awards banquet spread. To learn more about setting up a karting themed, team-building event in Las Vegas, please contact us.