Fun things to do in Las Vegas before you hit the strip!

1549 days ago by Las Vegas - Strip

Race go karts in our giant indoor kart track in Las Vegas. We have adult and youth karts available.

Las Vegas draws many visitors due to its hip and exciting nightlife with endless bar and nightclub choices up and down the strip. The local nightlife last throughout the night, but doesn’t get heated up until late in the evening leaving visitors a void in activities. The town has many attractions that can serve as a starting point for the night.

Those looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas before hitting the strip can find an exciting start at Pole Position Raceway. Sitting around the hotel all afternoon waiting to go out is boring and wastes precious vacation time. Indoor go kart racing is an ideal way to get everyone ready for a fun night with adrenaline pumping racing action and a fun lively atmosphere. The electric powered race karts offer race car handling on the challenging indoor track. Groups can have fun with the race format pitting each driver against each other. The group can compare stats after the finish from the electronic scoring system.

Our shuttle conveniently picks up your group from your strip hotel and brings you back or to another strip location to continue your partying. Our on-site full service bar allows you to enjoy a few cocktails before departing on the free shuttle alleviating the worries of finding transportation or walking long distances. The arrive-and-drive racing schedule means your group can race anytime during normal business hours and participate in one or as many races as you would like.

If you would like more information on experience the thrills of indoor racing, please contact us.