Five reasons why to choose Indoor racing instead of the Water park

1474 days ago by Las Vegas - Strip

When looking for something to do in the heat of the summer in Las Vegas there is a few options.

When looking for something to do in the heat of the summer in Las Vegas there is a few options. Water parks and indoor racing are two of the most popular and here is a list of five reasons why it’s better and safer to opt for indoor racing.


The summer heat of Las Vegas can reach temperatures of over 120 degrees especially on radiant surfaces such as the concrete of a water park. Even through you are in and out of water you really never cool off that much due to the extreme temperatures. The climate controlled facility at Pole Position Raceway is a constant comfortable temperature throughout your racing experience.


Arrive & Drive racing allows visitors short wait times in our comfortable common area with seating and a snack bar. Water parks in the summer can mean long lines standing in direct sunlight which pretty much defeats the purpose of being there in the first place.


Even though the racing action is hot at Pole Position Raceway there’s no chance of sunburn as there is at an outdoor water park. The brutal Nevada sunlight is very strong and almost no one is safe from being burned by the sun especially children.


Water parks do offer some thrilling water slides that offer speed, but none compare to the on track racing experience of professional racing go karts. With speeds approaching 45MPH on the professionally designed indoor track these karts are sure to thrill more than a slide. Racing action also offers the thrill of competition against friends and others with electronic scoring.

Free Transportation

For visitors to Las Vegas staying at strip hotels Pole Position Raceway offers a complimentary air-conditioned shuttle. This is definitely a leg up on other attractions especially water parks which many are located miles from the strip and require a costly cab ride.

If you would like more information on experience indoor racing at Pole Position Raceway, please contact us.