Company events in Las Vegas - Racing your way to the top!

1590 days ago by Las Vegas - Strip

Host your next company event at Pole Position Raceway. Highlight your products and services in an exciting environment.

Are you looking to host an event for your company that will establish its brand and get its products and services known to the public. An indoor go kart racing event is an ideal solution that not only offers the thrill of racing, but sets your company apart from the rest. The draw of racing excitement is sure to attract many potential customers and impress attendees.

Hosting company events in Las Vegas are a great way to promote your business as it allows you a chance to spotlight your products or services while also wining over customers by giving them complimentary racing. What’s better than offering a chance to race indoor go-karts in a state-of-the-art climate controlled race environment. Pole Position Raceway of Las Vegas offers full facility rental that is ideal for hosting your company event.  They offer several meeting room choices including the private Speedway room and the fun Monster Energy loft overlooking the track that includes arcade games and billiards. You have the choice of race formats to best suit your company event and catering is available. The onsite Icon Lounge offers a VIP experience with iconic memorabilia and full beverage service for relaxing after the races.

A company event at Pole Position Raceway can also be an ideal solution for companies outside Las Vegas to swoon convention goers away from the busy convention center. It allows you one-on-one time to offer fun racing and a chance to pitch your company in a way they will not soon forget. If you would like more information on a facility rental for your next company event, please contact us.