Beat the heat - Hot racing action without the heat!

1483 days ago by Las Vegas - Strip

Summer isn’t even officially started yet but the heat is on already.

Summer isn’t even officially started yet but the heat is on already in Las Vegas. According to a recent article by the Las Vegas Sun “Las Vegas records first 100-degree day of 2014” Las Vegas has already seen temperatures over 100 degrees. On May 16, 2014 the Weather Channel officially released that the temperature hit 100 degrees. This is well above normal, but not a unique happening since the area often sees hot days like this annually in May.

With the daytime temperatures hitting these high temperatures visitors and residents alike have to look for ways to stay cool. Many outdoor activities are simply dangerous with these temperatures and outdoor enthusiasts often can’t participate in their favorite activities due to the heat. Pole Position Raceway located in Las Vegas offers a way for motorsport enthusiasts and thrill seekers to enjoy racing year around. Our indoor climate controlled facility features professional race go karts and a challenging track all with comfortable air conditioned temperatures.

Indoor go kart racing is an ideal way to Beat the heat and spend a few hours in a cool comfortable environment. You can experience all the thrills of racing just not the extreme temperatures as you would at an outdoor track. Our karts feature electric engines with all the power of their gasoline counterparts just not the dangerous emissions.   Their precise handling allows racers to easily maneuver the challenging track at high speeds.   Racers get to feel real competition with actual races that are electronically tracked with printed race results available to drivers. Our facility also offers a snack bar and onsite lounge with ice-cold beer to complement the air-conditioned environment making it the ultimate refreshing atmosphere.

If you would like more information on indoor activities in Las Vegas to beat the heat, please contact us.