1377 days ago by Houston

Compete in 75 laps of head to head racing at speeds up to 45 MPH!

Pole Position Raceway Houston is proud to announce IRON MAN Races on the first Thursday of every month! The IRON MAN Race is designed to test  a racer's endurance and consistency as well as form and ability.  The racer to complete 75 laps first takes home 1st place in this head to head battle of skill and stamina.  Due to the length of the race and the nature of the karts, racers will be required to make a minimum of three pit-stops throughout the event.  Failure to participate in all three pit-stops will result in a disqualificiation. There are a total of 10 available slots for the IRON MAN Race and it is first come, first serve.  In order to reserve a slot, racers must pre-pay the full amount for the race.  To be eligible to participate in the IRON MAN Race, racers must have a membership at the Houston location, and have the ability hit a required lap time.

The IRON MAN Race will cost $75 and a spot is only reserved when a participant prepays the full amount.  Please see a Customer Service Representative for help with any further questions or information!