Indoor Electric Go Karts

Electric Go Kart Racing

Wondering how our electric go karts go so fast? Electric go kart racing is all about speed, acceleration and handling. That's why the electric karting at Pole Position Raceway features state-of-the-art technology. Our adult karts produce an incredible 18 horsepower and have immediate throttle response. Simply put, they are the best indoor karts in the world, and you'll see why they represent the future of our sport. We spent several million dollars on this technology because it offers the best performance, produces no smelly fumes, and allows us to maintain the most-consistent fleet of karts in the United States. We are able to electronically tune each kart so that performance is nearly identical and measurable, something you can't do with gas technology in the world of indoor go karting. The end result at Pole Position Raceway is an adrenaline-filled ride and the ultimate racing experience that is unique among go kart companies. Here's what the pros have to say about our karts:

Electric Go Kart Engine/ Motor

Electric Motor

  • Speeds approaching 45 MPH
  • High performance electric motor rated at approximately 18 HP (Comparable gas-powered karts rated at approximately 6 HP)
  • High-torque output for rapid acceleration
  • Electronically adjustable power output to ensure evenly matched karts.
  • Forward and Reverse switch for full maneuverability
  • Radio controlled speed and automatic pit-speed reduction
  • Engine automatically decelerates when brake and gas pedals are applied at the same time


Go Kart disc brakes

  • Dual rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • Self ventilated design
  • CNC anodized aluminum construction
  • Self adjustable brake pump

Power Supply


  • 4 12-volt batteries 
  • High-performance output
  • Rapid charge capabilities
  • Immediate power 
  • Rapid Recharge: 6-12 minutes

Tires & Handling

Go kart tires and handling

  • Ultra-slick, F1 inspired, performance radials, front and rear rubber compound matched to the P2R track surface for minimal push and optimum drift. 
  • Actual tires used in competition kart race circuit