Driving Clinic


Join us the first Saturday of every month for our Driving Clinic. It will help you master the track!

Get the inside track and learn how to become a top racer. All participants of the Go Kart Driving Clinic are invited to walk the entire length the track with an experienced Race Director. We'll cover racing lines, throttle & brake techniques, passing tips and more. Immediately following the Go Kart Driving Clinic, each participant is monitored by our Race Director who will provide individualized feedback designed to improve your lap times.

Our Go Kart Driving Clinic Includes:

  • Introduction & driver briefing
  • Line choice - how to choose the best racing line
  • Throttle and brake techniques - Where and when to use the gas and brake pedal on the race track
  • Turn-in points - We cover turn-in, apex & exit points
  • Passing tips - How to slip by your competitors with ease
  • How to look for the fastest way around the track
  • Looking ahead - How to carry momentum through multiple turns

Who is the Go Kart Driving Clinic for:

  • New to Go Kart Racing
  • Those who want to improve their lap times

Requirements to Race Go Karts:

  • Kid Racers: Must be at least 6 years old, 48" tall & able to safely operate the go karts.
  • Adult Racers: 13+ years old, 56" tall & able to safely operate the go karts.
  • All racers must wear close-toed shoes. (Rental shoes are available at the track for a small fee.)
  • Sign a release of liability waiver

Driving Clinic Registration:
$12 per person (Includes 1 Standard Go Kart Race for an Adult racer or Kid racer)

Same-day race offer: Participants of the Indoor Karting Driving Clinic enjoy special race pricing. Further your learning and purchase additional races after the clinic at a discounted rate. We will continue to provide personalized feedback on your race performance. The karting school usually helps drivers shave 2-3 seconds off their lap times.



Pole Position Raceway 1594 E. Bentley Dr. Corona, CA 92879 951-817-5032