Valentine's Day: Go kart racing near corona

1612 days ago by Corona, CA

This Valentines Day try go kart racing near Corona, CA.

February 14! The stores will be selling candy and valentines, and there will be television commercials about special valentines. For some, this day is one they plan something special for a significant other. For others, it's a day to be ignored. Or a day to feel awkward because you just don't like the pressure of wondering if you should be on a date.

But that can change. Valentine's Day no longer has to be ignored. If you are one of the 48% of people in Corona who are not married, why not celebrate Valentine's Day with a group of friends?

Not your boring dinner and movie night! Not on this day! Celebrate having friends with go kart racing near corona

How does go kart racing go with Valentine's Day? It does if you let it and if you make it happen! Get a group of friends who aren't married, contact us, and let's plan a Valentine's Day that will become an annual event.

You can laugh, talk, and just enjoy your friendships as you race on our indoor race track. You can even bring your children since this is a family-friendly Valentine's Day event. No one will feel awkward without a date, and there won't be any pressure to have a date. 

Wondering if everyone will enjoy it? Trust us, they will. These aren't those rinky dink go karts you raced in as a kid. These are close to the ground, machines that safely race around an indoor track. No gas fumes, these are electric!

Start planning your party today! Make Valentine's Day a fun day that everyone will enjoy!