Teen go kart party - A birthday to remember

1575 days ago by Corona, CA

Are your teens anxious to drive fast? Head over to Pole Position Raceway in Corona for an exciting indoor go kart racing party.

Does the thought of your teen driving fast and racing against their friends scare you? Then throw them a teen go kart party and satisfy their need for speed. Birthday parties themes get difficult when kids hit their teens, but a party where they can drive fast and compete against their friends is an ideal solution for both boys and girls.

Indoor go kart racing is a fun and safe activity for teens to enjoy year around and an ideal activity to base a birthday around. It allows for a group of teens to all participate at the same time competing against each other as well as themselves.  Teens are a competitive age group and a racing event will bring out their inner drive to beat each other and will have a fun time doing it. Indoor go kart racing allows for varying party sizes and can accommodate any late additions. Racing go karts offer a more thrilling experience than their slow standard counterparts. It offers teens the speed and on-track action that they desire while also keeping them safe.

A teen go kart party has an ideal schedule to incorporate birthday activities such as a meal, gifts and cake. Having multiple races staggered with break times allows for you to have other activities and party goers to interact off the course. Pole Position raceway with several locations has much more entertainment options to add into the party as well. Most locations have a large arcade and have birthday packages that include pizza, soft drinks and varying race amounts.

If you would like more information hosting a go kart racing party for your teen, please contact us.