Reward Employees with Go Kart Racing in Corona

1576 days ago by Corona, CA

Motivate your employees by planning a corporate event or outing at Pole Position Raceway and race go karts today.

The backbone of any business is its employees. Workers who are happy, motivated, and enjoy their job will be more productive and have a better attitude, which is what any employer wants. If you want to show your employees you appreciate their hard work, take them Go Kart racing in Corona.

Whether your employees have reached a sales goal, have made it a certain length of time without an incident, have had a particularly low number of sick days, or have just been working hard lately, you can always find some reason to reward them. Some companies cater in lunch or spring for dinner, but why not do something more creative that workers will remember and appreciate?

At Pole Position Raceway, we welcome you and your company to come and enjoy some time behind the wheel. Racing a go kart brings out the fun side of people, a side you might not get to see at the office very often. It helps build relationships between the ranks, because once you're in that kart, everyone is on the same level. When you return to the job, those relationships will make the work environment more enjoyable, and employees will work even harder when they feel respected and appreciated.

To support you and your business, we offer a full-facility buyout, so that you can have the exclusive use of our facility for a time. That means we close to the public and you'll have access to the all the karts, meeting, and party rooms. Whether you want to do open racing, or have specialized races such as the Ironman or Team Endurance races, the place is yours and you can customize your time any way you'd like. We can also provide catering, and special prizes such as trophies or apparel to make your time especially memorable.

If you're looking for a new, creative way to reward your employees, contact us. Some time at the go kart track may be just the thing to keep them motivated.