Race Go Karts in Corona for Your Next Corporate Event

1344 days ago by Corona, CA

Plan an exciting Team building event your staff. Race go karts for your next Corporate Event outing.

Let's face it, the conventional corporate event can get stale. The standard idea where herds of employees gather in a hotel lobby or convention center to mingle, collaborate, and network just comes across as flat and forced more often than productive, enjoyable, or morale-building at all. Normally, we all sit politely and professionally at our assigned table with our eyes focused clearly on lecturer after lecturer. All the while, trying desperately to stay awake and appear genuinely interested in whatever the speaker is saying by mindlessly nodding our head and smiling understandingly every 30 seconds or so. Then if you're lucky, comes the team building exercise. This is when we're all split into several different groups to accomplish a ludicrously corny task while competing against other not-so-willing groups of participants attempting to complete the same unenviable task. I think we can all agree, it's time for something different...

Why not race go karts in Corona, CA for your next corporate event? Sure, you may have to skip a few snooze inducing speeches. But, you can experience the same sense of team-building by forming racing teams and competing against other employees. Or, just ruthlessly crush your competition in individual head-to-head challenges.

Pole Position Raceway in Corona, CA caters corporate events at an indoor electric raceway for Go Karts. These aren't your old fashioned soap box go karts though. These are serious high-powered, high performance machines. These vehicles offer European style racing cars that are capable of reaching 45 mph. Trust me, you will find this exceedingly fast when you are so close to the track and trying to navigate hairpin turns and sharp corners. The Formula EK20 Kart featured at our track is widely considered to be the single best electric kart available. The indoor track also ensures that your event will go on as planned regardless of weather conditions.

Our facility has plenty of group packages available for Corona events, and will prove to be the closest thing that most people get to experiencing actual racing around a real race track. Your employees will enjoy the fast paced fun and may even network and establish some camaraderie and team building in the process. An increase in moral is just about guaranteed.

"Built for Racers by Racers" is the motto of the "Pole Position Raceway." Our Corona, CA facility is where our the company originated back in September of 2005. Since then, we have become one of the fastest growing companies in the sport with ten different locations around the country. Contact us today for more information on your next corporate event, birthday party, other group function, or just walk right in for the thrill of racing excitement. We would love to hear from you!