Obsessed with Racing? Attend a Go Kart Racing Clinic in Corona

1496 days ago by Corona, CA

Driving Tip Clinics are fun as well as educational.

Are you a racing fan? As in fanatic? Do you watch every race on TV, attend local races, and wish you could try it out yourself? If you want to experience what it's like to race, we can give you a little taste. Professional drivers have tried our indoor karts and they say it feels pretty close to the real thing. So if you're ready to try Go Kart Racing in Corona, we invite you to get behind the wheel.

We know race fans aren't happy with 2nd or 3rd place. If you're not the one with the checkered flag, it's not good enough. That's why we offer a driving clinic the first Saturday of every month. We'll give you tips on reading the track, changing lanes, and passing. We'll share some techniques on using the throttle and braking system that will help you beat your best time, and hopefully the guy next to you too.

Do you think after attending a clinic you will master our track? There's no doubt you will improve your driving skills, but we won't let you get bored. Every once in a while, we change the configuration of the track, so you will find yourself put to the test once again, using the skills you learned to conquer another challenge.

If racing is in your blood, then you'll want to come check out Pole Position Raceway. Our motto is Built for Racers by Racers. If our karts are challenging enough for professional drivers like Kurt Busch, then we think you'll enjoy them too.

For more information on clinics or open racing times and locations, contact us.