Make a Corona Go Kart Party an Annual Corporate Event

1264 days ago by Corona, CA

Reward your employees by treating them to a day out at the go kart track.

Let's face it. Even if your business is booming and the staff are the warmest people you've ever met, there are still times when workplace stress can make a person blow smoke from their ears. When this happens, employers and employees are always best served if they take their grievances and disgust to the one place where all of their stress can be relieved.

The go kart racetrack.

That's right, the go kart racetrack. Nothing says "Company Top Dog" like taking the checkered flag at one of our epic corporate events. Pole Position Raceway offers two Facility Buyout Packages, where you and a group of up to 72 would-be racers can claim the entire 53,000 square foot speedway all to yourselves until a champion is crowned. 

Pole Position Raceway boasts two separate types of speed racers. First, there are the adult karts, which travel at speeds up to 45 M.P.H. And trust us when we say that on our short tracks with quick turns, such speeds offer exhilarating thrills that will leave a grin on your face and your heart pounding. To ride our adult carts, you must be a minimum of 56" tall.

But fear not, all you smaller racers, we also offer kids carts, which come with a minimum height requirement of 48". So if you want to extend your corporate outing so as to include employees' children, Pole Position Raceway can accommodate these needs as well. And once you've signed up an entire field, we can also customize your racing experience.

So if the standard dinner-and-drinks corporate outing has gotten a bit stale over the years, you might want to consider shifting gears and holding a Corona go kart party. Please check out our exciting facilities and options, and by all means, contact us with whatever questions you might have about how we can make your corporate event an experience to remember.

And yes, we can even provide trophies if you want us to.

We are ready to raise the green flag for you!