Looking For A Report Card Reward? Try Racing In Temecula!

396 days ago by Corona, CA

It is basically a win-win for everybody involved.

Are you trying to compel your smart, but under-motivated, child to improve their grades? Then consider racing with us in Temecula! We provide one of the most fun and exciting racing experiences in the area. Your child will feel compelled to improve their grades once they see how much fun that they can have racing on our high-quality track. 

Who Are We?

At Pole Position Raceway, we provide the kind of high-quality racing experience that will excite your children. For example, our karts are designed to race at speeds capable of up to 45 miles per hour. There's no faster racing available in Temecula! We also provide a fun place where you can meet up and enjoy pizza with your children, as well as an arcade center where they can have video game excitement.

Creating A Deal With Your Children

Here's a fun way to get your children to participate in your plan. Contact us and book a private racing experience. Let them have fun experiencing all that we have to offer and then make a deal with them at the end of the trip. If they improve their grades and get on the honor roll, they can take weekly trips to visit us. In this way, they will feel compelled to learn and you get the chance to feel proud of them.

It is basically a win-win for everybody involved. And if you strap in and race alongside your child, you get the chance to bond and become closer as a parent and child. You simply can't go wrong with this simple and effective plan.