Looking for a Fun Mother's Day Activity? Race Go Karts Near Riverside

1505 days ago by Corona, CA

Reward Mom this Mother's Day with some fun.

Moms work hard all year long, so they deserve a little bit of fun in their life this Mother's Day. As you go through the gift ideas, you might want to consider something a little out of the box. While she enjoys the flowers or chocolate treats, what most Moms want is to spend some time with their families making memories. Surprise the Mom in your life and take her to race go karts near Riverside.

You may be thinking, "I don't think my Mom will like racing go karts." That's what a lot of people think. But every day we see Moms just like yours getting behind the wheel, and they transform into competitive adrenaline junkies. If you can convince her to get in a kart, we can almost guarantee you will see a different side of her as she tries to pass her own children on the inside turns. When she crosses the finish line and takes off that helmet, you'll definitely see a smile.

With our Arrive & Drive program, there's no need to make advance reservations. Simply bring your Mom in on her special day and we will get your family ready to race. When you're done racing you can hang out, challenge her to some video games, and treat her to something from our concessions. It isn't fancy, but we're sure there's something sinfully delicious that she wouldn't usually indulge in, and it's your job to tell her she deserves it on Mother's Day.

As you prepare for the upcoming holiday, don't be afraid to plan something a little different. Moms like to have fun too, and when all of them are comparing notes the next day, your Mom will be able to tell all her friends how much fun she had at Pole Position Raceway.

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