Looking for a Different Idea for Company Christmas or Holiday Parties? Try Go-Karting!

1632 days ago by Corona, CA

The holidays are just around the corner. Make this years holiday party memorable.

It's the time of year when corporations and businesses are starting to plan their company Christmas or holiday parties. You could have the annual dinner and drinks party, where everyone sits around, gossips, and a few people are bound to drink too much and embarrass themselves. That's a good time, right?  If you're ready for a change and want to do something fun, book an indoor karting party.

But isn't go-karting just for kids? Isn't it kind of juvenile for a bunch of corporate adults to climb into tiny go-karts and piddle around a little track?  Wait until you experience Pole Position Raceway. These karts have been hailed as the closest thing most people will ever experience to real racing.  These aren't your average go-karts as they go up to 45 mph on indoor tracks. 

These indoor karts not only provide a fun alternative to the usual holiday party, but they will give you an opportunity to get to know your co-workers in a different environment. You know that quiet, dorky guy from accounting?  Turns out he's got a competitive driver inside of him, and you may be surprised at who ends up racing in the final Main Event. 

Pole Position Raceway is happy to work with you to make your company party the best ever. You can choose a package depending on how many people will be attending, and how many races you want to include.

Developed by professional race car drivers, Pole Position Raceway will not disappoint.  Without a doubt, people will be talking about this holiday party for years to come.  If you're ready for a change and want to experience an adrenaline-rich, fun-filled corporate party this Christmas, contact us.