Kids Go Kart Racing Parties: Let's Do Something Fun

1704 days ago by Corona, CA

Your kids party is just a month away. Lets plan a party they won't forget!

In a month is your child's birthday and you are hearing lots of hints about a fun birthday party. So, what is a fun birthday party for someone who wants something different and fun? A party for a child who is too old for a McDonald's or Chuck E Cheese party?

You could use Google to find some ideas, and you might find this list popping up:

1. Button-themed birthday party

2. Colorful Crayon themed birthday party

3. Garden birthday party

4. Sushi party

5. Milky Chocolate party

6. Super Hero party

Really? Yes, we googled birthday party and those were on the list, in fact they were first on the list of one site.

If you suggested those wouldn't your child would roll those eyes at you and say "REALLY"????

Why not have a party that all the girls and boys would enjoy? A party where everyone is getting exercise in a fun way! We want our kids to exercise more and not sit around watching television, so why not provide that? A party that includes some friendly and safe competition!

Kids Go Kart Racing Parties provide all of that. The karts can go up to 45 mph on a 1/4 mile track. The kids can race and you can have prizes for first place. The karts are electric, so you won't be overwhelmed by the fumes, and we have junior karts for all the kids to use.

Next time you are planning a birthday party, ask your child about a Go Kart Racing party and watch that grin appear and hear "REALLY?" but in a different tone of voice.

Need to schedule that party? Just contact us today and we will help.