Hand-Controlled Karts for Disabled Racers

2089 days ago by Corona, CA

Select Pole Position Raceway locations have hand-controlled karts available for disabled racers.

Mike Young was a contender in the World Motocross Championships before he was paralyzed in a racing accident. In fact, Young is credited as the first-ever Four-Stroke Motocross World Champion, and has not let his disability get in the way of his fun. Young, who lives in the Inland Empire area of Southern California now competes on a regular basis at Pole Position Raceway in the city of Corona.

"I love Pole Position Raceway because they are the only ones that I know of who offer hand-controlled karts," said Young. "It's incredible because I can go out there and race with everyone else, and do so on a level playing field. I don't feel like there is a handicap at all, just normal head-to-head racing."

"This has always been important to me since we started the business in 2005," said Ken Faught, the company's co-founder and President. "My daughter Hannah Faught has cerebral Palsy, and learning to live with challenges is part of everyday life for the disabled community. It's always fun for me to watch someone discover indoor karting at Pole Position Raceway who never thought they could race high-performance go karts because they have had a spinal cord injury. This is the closest thing to real racing that most people will experience, and we are proud to offer that to those "

Pole Position Raceway also has go karts for adults & kids.

Locations with hand-controlled go karts available: