Go Karts Tracks near Corona, CA Blow Away the Go Karts of Yesteryear

1281 days ago by Corona, CA

Looking for a go kart track near Corona? Look no further. We have a giant indoor go kart track in the heart of Corona, CA.

Way back in the middle ages when this blogger was a child, circa 1978 or so, go kart tracks did not look like they do these days. I can remember going to a go kart track in my childhood with my friends and it would best be described as a circular track with no real twists and turns, no aesthetic realism, and really not a whole lot of fun. As for the karts themselves... picture an old fashioned soap box racer reminiscent of something you would see Alfalfa sitting in from an old episode of "Our Gang" circa 1922 television. Okay, so it wasn't that bad. After all, it did have a motor. But I'm pretty sure at age eight, I could outrun that motor if I really needed to.

Fast forward to the go karts of today, particularly this example of go karts tracks near corona, CA, and you've got the "Pole"-ar opposite. No "Our Gang" soap box style derby going on here. These karts are built for speed, fun, and excitement, and they race on a track to match those feelings. In fact the track is so superior to the tracks of yesteryear, that it is actually located indoors. So there is no need to worry about weather ruining your fun-filled day.

Meanwhile, the karts that are used at "Pole Position Raceway" in Corona, CA and other locations are incomparable in their design. The Formula EK20 Pro Kart used there is universally regarded as the world's best electric kart and capable of whipping around the track in Corona, CA at a blood-rushing, heart-skipping 45 mph. That may not sound like it is breaking any land speed records, but trust me, when you are sitting in a go kart this size and just 1/4 inch high off the track, it is plenty fast and furious!

So, what are you waiting for? If you live near the Corona, CA area, stop by and participate in our "Arrive and Drive" program. This allows people to just show up and race in a 10 minute long thrill ride. Races are broken up into adult groups and kids that are at least 48 inches tall. Please contact us for more information today. We would love to see you at Pole Position Raceway!