Go Kart Racing in Corona - Advantages of indoor racing

1401 days ago by Corona, CA

Our completely indoor facility allows for comfortable racing no matter the outdoor conditions.

The local area in and around the community of Corona, California has many sporting options including several go kart venues. Those looking to experience a fun day of go kart racing should compare facilities and amenities as they all differ. Go Karts vary wildly at racing venues across California from slow kiddie karts to state-of-the-art racing models.

Choosing a local indoor facility such as Pole Position Raceway offers the convenience of a short commute and the guarantee that the weather will not be a factor. Our completely indoor facility allows for comfortable racing no matter the outdoor conditions. The temperature controlled building allows for our track to be in optimum condition year around. Our track is never affected by rain and wind, which can severely reduce traction on outside racing tracks. Racers also get to enjoy the comfortable temperatures, which make a day of racing much more enjoyable than being too hot or cold all day.

The benefits of indoor Go Kart Racing in Corona also include the comfort of an indoor viewing area for relaxing between races. Pole Position Raceway offers a large area of seating track side to watch other battle it out on the track. We also have a fully stocked snack bar as well as an arcade area for further entertainment.

Go karts are the main attraction of racing so it is crucial that they are in top condition for safety and performance. We offer state-of-the-art electric karts, which reach speeds of 45mph and have the handling of professional race karts. We offer both kid and adult models that feature actual racing harnesses for your safety. Go karts are outfitted with racing slicks for crisp cornering and acceleration on the high-speed professional track that features a combination of challenging curves and fun straightaways.

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