Cure the Family's Case of the Blues with "Arrive and Drive" Go Karts Tracks in Corona

1592 days ago by Corona, CA

Step out of your normal and check out our Go Kart Track in Corona. We have adult and kid go karts. Fun for the entire family.

Down in the dumps from football season being over? Kids are moping around the house driving you nuts because they are bored? Tired of the same old family night out at the movies? Going to the mall just doesn't sound very appealing nor affordable? Sometimes it seems like even the family dog looks like he has a case of the blues. Well then, it is truly time to get out and try something different.

It's all well and good to recognize that it is time to break away from your routine and get out of the rut you've been in for entertainment and competitive challenge. But what is there to do about it? Some things require a membership to an exclusive club or some form of serious training to really enjoy. Well, how about trying indoor electric racing at the go karts tracks in Corona, CA?

No membership required, no high-level training needed. Just step right into one of the most technologically advanced electric go karts available in the world at Pole Position Raceway in Corona, CA. You can participate anytime in the immensely popular "Arrive and Drive" program. Leave the dog at home though. Maybe on your way back you can stop at the butcher and toss him a nice piece of London Broil. That should be all he needs to cure his case of the winter blues.

"Arrive and Drive" is a racing format that allows adults and kids alike to just show up individually or in small groups and race in standard races anytime during business hours. The races last approximately 10 minutes and are a perfect fit for the whole family. Adults can step into an adult go kart, which have a height requirement of 56 inches and feel the speed of top notch European style electric kart racing. Kids just need to be a minimum of 48 inches in height to participate in an equally exhilarating and competitively fun kids race.

So, step away from the television, rent the dvd or blu-ray instead of going to the movies, skip the mall, grab the kids, and get yourself down to Pole Position Raceway in the heart of Corona California off the I-15 and 91 Freeway. And don't forget to stop at the butcher on the way home for the dog. Contact us today for more information.