Bored Teens Like You Love Our Racing Experience In Inland Empire!

587 days ago by Corona, CA

Inland Empire is a great place for teens to have fun

Inland Empire is a great place for teens to have fun. But if you have already visited all the shopping centers and parks 100 times and can't afford to go to a concert, why not talk to your parents about booking a racing experience with us? We provide teens like you with the kind of excitement and fun that you crave. 

First of all, we offer a racing experience that is like no other in the area. All of our tracks are in an indoor and climate-controlled environment. This means you can come here in any weather conditions and have fun. We also provide an action-packed arcade room filled with the hottest new games. 

Our biggest draw is obviously going to be our carts. They are capable of speeds of up to 45 miles per hour on tracks designed for maximum excitement. There is nothing in Inland Empire quite like taking a hairpin turn at 30 miles per hour and beating your buddies on the inside track for a win.

And do you like pizza? What red-blooded American teenager doesn't?! We know that our fans love chowing down on a delicious pie whenever they get the chance, which is why we have a dining room area where you guys can relax after your race. Get some zas delivered here from The Original Graziano's Pizza Corona and chow down!

So if you think that our Inland Empire race track is something that you and your buddies will love, make sure to contact us today to set up a personal racing experience. You can also get your parents to call if you need help paying for your awesome party.